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Kartikeya Sharma

Kartikeya Sharma ITV Network  

An Oxford graduate with a Master's Degree in Business Administration from King's College in London, Kartikeya Sharma is a successful entrepreneur, who is Founder and Promoter of iTV Network (Information TV PVT. LTD) at the moment. The network started developing in 2007 and, owing to his re-strategizing, succeeded in expanding its business and becoming the recognized brand it is now.

Today, it owns two leading channels, which are unique in their own way and are improving rapidly. The English news channel, NewsX, differs from the others because of its original style and content. The iTV Group became the owner of this channel in 2012, and put a lot of effort in turning it into the number one English Channel. That the strategy of the network is successful is proven by the fact that, in 2014, the NewsX channel won a prize for the Best English Channel of the Year. Kartikeya Sharma’s India News is a Hindi news channel, which also consists out of four regional news channels. In 2013, this channel got its new look which included a new channel ID, a unique line-up of programs and a new state-of-the-art studio.

Except for the leading news channels, the iTV Network is the owner of the English newspapers, The Sunday Guardian, and the Hindi daily newspapers, Aaj Samaaj, which is published by Good Morning Media Private Limited. These papers are the fastest growing and are becoming a well-recognized brand.

Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV School of Media and Management has a revolutionary concept of education which will offer studying in an environment where students are supposed to work in the future. By having newsrooms which serve as classrooms, they combined theory with practice and took their courses to the next level. The school offers two courses in Broadcast Journalism and various short courses such as Anchoring and Reporting, Scripting and Programming, Television Production, Camera and Lighting, Video-editing and Creative Writing. All these courses are conducted by the professionals and experts from the field of media.

From launching hotels, to building news channels and the iTV School of Media and Management, Kartikeya Sharma has shown that when you have a revolutionary idea, you should take a risk, because nothing can stop a determined, ambitious and visionary professional.


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