The ITV School of Media and Management School course in Television and Digital Journalism is designed to prepare students for careers in television broadcasting and news reporting in the digital age. Through its program, the School offers Students the opportunity to become reporters, producers, television anchors, hosts and media professionals at the top television and satellite channels.

The one Year Diploma course provides comprehensive knowledge of the literature and practice of television journalism and Digital news media. It is a practical program that provides intensive and hands-on exposure to the skills needed for producing both field reports and in-studio shows. The program courses focus on editorial and technical skills, such as scriptwriting, camera use, editing and studio operations, as well as courses on interviewing, talk show hosting and voice coaching. Students learn to use the latest cameras and digital equipment that is comparable to facilities found in major news organizations around the world.

This course will guide you to the rapidly changing universe of online news. The 21st century newsroom requires an audience-centred mind-set in which journalists must possess a broad set of multi-platform newsgathering skills and fluency in social media while also upholding the timeless journalistic standards of news judgment, accuracy, fairness and truth. Convergence and interactivity are the prevailing reality in today’s newsrooms, and students will get a strong dose of both in this course.


Our one year Diploma in Television and Digital Journalism is designed to train students in Theory and Practical aspects of Television and Digital Medium. Students will get option to learn from Academics as well as from people from Industry.

The course is designed in Train and Hire model.

There will be four semester in this Course:

Semester 1(90 days) All Theory subjects:






Semester 2 (90 days) Television and Digital Journalism

Semester 3: (60 days) where students will be rotated in different departments for 7 days to learn practical aspects of every department. Television input/ Television output/ television production and digital Journalism. They will be introduced in Library, PCR and Production Control as well.

Semester 4: (120 Days) Students will be given departments as per their interest and capabilities.

(This will be decided by HODs to whom these students report in Semester 3)

Admission Process

1. Applicants are required to clear entrance exam and interview.

2. Basic Qualification for One Year Full Time Diploma Course in Television and Digital Journalism is 10+2 pass.

3. PG Diploma Course in Television and Digital Journalism is Graduation.

4. Students has to clear a small entrance exams and interview by board of Institute.

Since the Television and Digital Journalism Diploma is a practical and hands-on program, requiring daily assignments outside of normal scheduled classes, students are expected to be available to take classes and complete assignments during the day and evening hours.

It is a full time course offered only in Delhi and is not associated with any other program nor is it offered in any other city.

Admission checklist:

a. Identity Proof,

b. Address Proof,

c. Education certificates,

d. Medical Fitness Certificate and

e. Six Photographs.

Assessment and Placement

 Placement eligibility will depend on following factors:

1.   65% in Course work (Theory and Practical)

2.   75% attendance

3.   Passing the pre Placement Interview

We have Periodical assessments, Main exams and Newsroom Assessment.

1. Those who cleared these exams are eligible for Jobs in our channels and will go through HR interviews.