About Us

ITV School of Media & Management (ITVSMM)

ITV School of Media and Management (ITVSMM) is an initiative by ITV Network. ITVSMM was established in the year 2012.

Since our incorporation we have always facilitated students with a rich and dynamic environment for developing new ideas and launching new careers.

A faculty of internationally recognized media makers and cutting-edge scholars engage students in a curriculum that combines day to day work dynamics and technology of Media industry.

Our programs are distinguished by their practical and professional aspects. At ITVSMM, we offer diploma and short term certificate courses for 12th pass and graduate students.

The courses provide our students with a platform where numerous opportunities await them to excel in the field of media.

iTV Network

ITV Network is one of the leading national news networks of India conceptualized in the year 2007-08. ITV is a bouquet of 6 news channels and 2 newspapers. In broadcast vertical ITV has Newsx & India News (National & Regional) channels & in print it consists of The Sunday Guardian & Aaj Samaj newspapers.

Direct News Private Limited (NewsX)

NewsX is a leading English News Channel offering comprehensive news to its viewers. It combines the depth and coverage of Indian newspaper journalism, with the quality of international television production.

Information TV Private Limited (India News)  

India News is a 24 hour Hindi news channel that aims at courage journalism. The channel is known for its strong content and wide network of proficient reporters and stringers.

The channel covers India with insight and has a vibrant presentation.
It also has 4 regional channel namely, India News Haryana, India News Rajasthan, India News Uttar Pradesh and India News Madhya Pradesh.

The Sunday Guardian

The Sunday Guardian  , ‘Sunday ' newspaper , which has won applause within just two years of its launch in Delhi- NCR, London and Chandigarh since its launch on 21st October 2012, because it provides a unique and fresh approach to events and how they affect us.

A 40 pages paper, it captures all that you need to know with 20 of the pages devoted to Gen X.

Aaj Samaj

A popular newspaper catering to people in the state of Haryana and Delhi NCR, Aaj Samaj brings a wholesome experience to its readers with its vivid approach.

It's the first newspaper to have 7 column photograph with no headlines.

Newswire Service (NWS)

NEWS WIRE SERVICE – NWS – is a growing television and digital media news agency. Based in New Delhi it caters to the needs of both Indian and international media.

Its round the clock coverage of a broad spectrum of news and events throughout South Asia and important world Capitals in the West and Middle-East has made it a prime source of news videos for a host of television news channels and other digital and mobile platforms.